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"Logovushka" flight and training centre is located just behind Ural mountains in the heart of Russia. At least geographically :))) We are the team of proffesionals in aviation united for the same goal - to develop light sport aviation and to grow public interest in aviation in our region here in Kurgan, Urals. And for sure we are pleased to see guests at our aerodrome XSUL (Logovushka, Kurgan, Russia)!!! We will provide for your needs or naviagtion services, aerodrome facsilities and accomodation at the flight centre facsilities near by. Among other activities we offer our own Cessna aircrafts for sale. We have 14 of them (150L, 172, 182). All of them takes checks and technical serviese performed by our higly qualified technics on regular basis. So please do not hesistate to contact us:


N55*24.662' E64*56.592'
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