Yakovlev YAK 40 jets for sale

The Yak-40 manufactured by the Soviet-union producer Yakovlev (prior to that the aircraft was introduced by Aeroflot) is a small, three-engined airliner.

The Yak-40 is the world's first regional jet transport aircraft. It is a low-wingend monoplane with a large T-tail and rectractable tricycle landing gear. It is equipped with a pressurized cabin. A crew of two could transport up to 32 passengers. Its range is approx. 971 NM.
Yakovlev 40
Yakovlev 40US$ 270,000
Year: 28; TTAF: 3164h; Type: Jet; Location: Ukraine; Serial No.: 9731255; Last annual: 10/2008  net price: US$ 270,000
Yakovlev 40
Yakovlev 40US$ 465,441
Year: 1977; TTAF: 24759h; Type: Jet; Location: Russia, , UUWW; Serial No.: 9721354; Reg. No.: RA-87908  RUB 30,000,000

Yakovlev 40
Yakovlev 40US$ 311,954
Year: 1975; TTAF: 31975h; Type: Jet; Location: Russia, Êðàñíîÿð&#; Antique/Classic/Oldtimer; Serial No.: 9521941; Reg. No.: RA-87535; Last annual: 12/2014  RUB 20,107,000
EU tax paid
Yakovlev 40
Yakovlev 40US$ 250,000
Year: 1974; TTAF: 32851h; Type: Jet; Location: Ukraine, kiev; IFR certified, IFR equipped, EU-OPS 1 registered; Last annual: 8/2005  net price: US$ 250,000