Lancair IV / 4 aircraft for sale

The U.S. manufacturer Lancair International, Inc., founded by Lance Neibauer in 1981, is a producer of general aviation aircraft kits. These composite homebuilt aircraft are well known for their series of high-performance single-engine aircraft. Their cruise speeds surprisingly outgo several twin-engine turboprop designs.
The Lancair IV, whose design started in 1990, is the first four-seat design which tends to keep the high performance quality of the formerly 2 seaters. The Lancair IV (or in pressurized version: Lancair IV-P) resulted to be a single engine aircraft with high cruise speed.
Lancair IV-P
Lancair IV-Pon request
Year: 2010; Type: Single Prop; Serial No.: LIV057; Reg. No.: N318CG