Beechcraft Duke aircraft for sale

The Beechcraft 60 Duke is a fixed-wing aircraft created by Beechcraft. The aircraft is equipped with a nose-wheel, retractable landing gear and a pressurized cabin. The two piston engines are turbocharged.

The Beechcraft A60, introduced in 1970 to the market, represented an advancement over the Baron, with an improved pressurized cabin as well as lighter and more efficient turbochargers.

The last variant of this family, the B60, was introduced in 1974. Besides of an imrpoved interior arrangement, the engine efficiency again increased due to the use of advanced turbochargers.
Beechcraft A60 Duke
Beechcraft A60 Dukeon request
Year: 1972; TTAF: 5990h; Type: Multiprop; Location: United States, CA, Stockton; Serial No.: P-181; Reg. No.: N7587D  
Beechcraft Duke B60
Beechcraft Duke B60US$ 220,000
Year: 1980; TTAF: 4060h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Germany; Always hangared; Serial No.: P-554; Reg. No.: D-INSP  
Beechcraft 60 Duke B
Beechcraft 60 Duke BUS$ 189,000
Year: 1980; TTAF: 3600h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Switzerland, Locarno; Reg. No.: D-INAZ  
Beechcraft 60 Duke B
Beechcraft 60 Duke BUS$ 280,038
Year: 1974; TTAF: 3600h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Italy, northern Italy; Reg. No.: N-reg  € 256,000