Used Dynaero single prop aircraft

The Dyn'Aero MCR01 produced by the french manufacturer Societe Dyn'Aéro is a low-wing, all-composite carbon fibre light aircraft. It could be equipped with two or four seats.

The MCR01 ULC version (similar to the 'Club' variant) is constructed with a larger wing span in order to lower the stall speed. Countries, such as the UK, lowered the stall speed to maximum 35kts.
Dynaero MCR 01 CLUB
Dynaero MCR 01 CLUBUS$ 54,531
Year: 2005; TTAF: 455h; Type: Single Prop; Location: Netherlands, Breda, EHSE; Homebuilt/Experimental; Always hangared; Serial No.: 291; Reg. No.: PH-CVE; Last annual: 5/2020  € 46,500
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