Used Glasair single prop aircraft

The Glasair I manufactured by Glasair Aviation is a two-place (side by side), low-wing general aviation airplane. It was the first premolded composite kit aircraft ever offered, available in retractable gear (RG), tricycle gear (FT) as well as tail dragger (TD) configuration.

The Glasair II line of aircraft was improved on cockpit ergonomics and ease of construction. The line includes various models: the Glasair II-S and the Glasair SII, which is the only one still in production.
Glasair SH2R
Glasair SH2RUS$ 67,265
Year: 1985; TTAF: 513h; Type: Single Prop; Location: Germany, Karlsh÷fen, EDWK; Homebuilt/Experimental; Always hangared; Serial No.: 523R; Reg. No.: N78JH; Last annual: 11/2017  € 55,000

Glasair SPORTSMAN 2+2
Glasair SPORTSMAN 2+2US$ 279,000
Year: 2016; TTAF: 260h; Type: Single Prop; Location: United States; Homebuilt/Experimental; IFR certified; Serial No.: 7435; Reg. No.: N52NB