Gulfstream GIV / G300 / G350 / G400 / G450 jets for sale

The Gulfstream IV and derivatives are a family of private jet aircraft built by the US-manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce enginges and has capacity to transport 14-19 people with a cockpit crew of two. The range is 4220 nautical miles.

The G300 is the derivate with a shorter range, whereas the G400 consits of a larger cabin and a long range of 4350 nautical miles.

The G450 has a better performance and aims to replace the G400 – it is lengthened 1 ft and built with a larger cockpit than the G400.
Gulfstream G450on request
Year: 2007; TTAF: 4232h; Type: Jet; Serial No.: 4076
Gulfstream GIV-SPon request
Year: 1996; TTAF: 10304h; Type: Jet
Gulfstream G450on request
Year: 2008; Type: Jet; Location: Un. Arab. Emir.
Gulfstream G450on request
Year: 2015; Type: Jet; Location: Un. Arab. Emir.