Piper Twin Comanche aircraft for sale

The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche is a twin-engined cabin monoplane built by Piper Aircraft and was developed from the PA-24 Comanche single-engine aircraft.

The Twin Comanche was designed to replace the Piper Apache and it was usually equipped with two 4-cylinder engines and a retractable tricycle landing gear. This low-wing monoplane is the most fuel efficient aircraft in its class.

Besides the original version, two other ones were produced: the B and C-model which could carry 6 passengers and were equipped with two additional side windows.
Piper PA-30 Turbo Twin Comanche
Piper PA-30 Turbo Twin ComancheUS$ 90,987
Year: 1969; TTAF: 3560h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Germany; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 30-1929; Reg. No.: D-GAHS  € 76,000

Piper TWIN Comanche
Piper TWIN ComancheUS$ 109,000
Year: 1964; TTAF: 3258h; Type: Multiprop; Location: United States; IFR certified; Serial No.: 30-349; Reg. No.: N7304Y  
Piper PA-30
Piper PA-30US$ 70,000
Year: 1966; Type: Multiprop; Location: Brazil, Frederico Westphalen, FWV  
Piper PA 39
Piper PA 39US$ 107,748
Year: 1970; TTAF: 5142h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Spain; IFR certified, Always hangared; Last annual: 7/2014  € 90,000