Beechcraft Musketeer (Sport / Sundowner / Sierra) aircraft for sale

The Beechcraft Musketeer is a family of single-engine, low-wing, light aircraft built by the US-manufacturer Beechcraft. The series includes e.g. : the Model 19 Musketeer Sport, the Model 23 Musketeer, Custom and Sundowner and the Model 23-24 Musketeer Super III as well as the Model 24-R Sierra.

The C-23 Sundowner is a four-seat light cabin aircraft with a fixed tricycle landing gear, powered by one piston engine. The C24R Sierra has a four or six-seat light cabin and a retractable tricycle landing gear. The 23 Musketeer is a four seat light cabin aircraft with a fixed tricycle landing gear similar to the Sundowner with a less powerful engine.
Beechcraft C24R Sierra
Beechcraft C24R SierraUS$ 65,000
Year: 1983; TTAF: 5628h; Type: Single Prop; Location: United States; IFR certified; Serial No.: MC-784; Reg. No.: N6651T