Robinson R44 / Astro helicopters for sale

The Robinson R44 Astro is a single-engined light helicopter manufactured by the Robinson Helicopter Company , based on the Robinson R22. It is equipped with a semi-rigid two bladed main rotor and two blades tail rotor. Different to the R22, it features hydraulically-assisted flight controls.

The cabin is equipped with two rows of side-by-side seating for pilot and three passengers. The different variants of the R44, such as Raven or Raven II mainly feature more powerful engines and settings to improve the performance.

Robinson R-44 Raven
Robinson R-44 RavenUS$ 100,792
Year: 2005; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, EDGS Siegerland Airport; Reg. No.: D-HALG  € 86,000

Robinson R44 RAVEN
Robinson R44 RAVENUS$ 339,294
Year: 2002; TTAF: 2224h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France, FRONTENAS, LFHV; IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 1192; Reg. No.: F HGAR; Last annual: 1/2018  € 289,500
EU tax paid
Robinson R44 RAVEN II
Robinson R44 RAVEN IIUS$ 209,026
Year: 2008; TTAF: 950h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Poland, BIAŁYSTOK, EPBK; Serial No.: 12590; Reg. No.: SP-TOM  € 178,350
EU tax paid
Robinson R-44 Raven
Robinson R-44 RavenUS$ 116,028
Year: 2006; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, SIegerland Airport EDGS; Reg. No.: OE-XFW  € 99,000

Robinson R44
Robinson R44US$ 310,580
Year: 2012; TTAF: 759h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Poland; Serial No.: 2228; Reg. No.: SP-WKZ  € 265,000

Robinson R44 Raven II
Robinson R44 Raven IIon request
Year: 2012; TTAF: 1077h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Poland, Poland; Serial No.: 13288; Reg. No.: SP-OOO  
Robinson R44 Raven II
Robinson R44 Raven IIUS$ 615,000
Year: 2018; Type: Helicopter; Location: Austria; Serial No.: 14175; Reg. No.: OE-XYX  net price: US$ 512,500
Robinson R44 Clipper II
Robinson R44 Clipper IIUS$ 386,760
Year: 2006; TTAF: 2540h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Spain, PALMA, LESB; Always hangared; Serial No.: 11537; Reg. No.: G-NANI; Last annual: 6/2017  € 330,000

Robinson R44 II
Robinson R44 IIUS$ 222,680
Year: 2009; TTAF: 850h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Poland, Bielsko-Biala, EPBA; Serial No.: 12618; Reg. No.: SP-HBP  € 190,000
EU tax paid
net price: € 190,000
Robinson R44 Astro Hydraulic
Robinson R44 Astro HydraulicUS$ 146,500
Year: 2000; TTAF: 1231h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Russia, Vladivostok; Always hangared; Serial No.: 0722; Last annual: 10/2017  € 125,000

Robinson 44 RAVEN 1
Robinson 44 RAVEN 1US$ 216,820
Year: 2012; TTAF: 1610h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France, LILLE, LFQO; Reg. No.: F-HIAD; Last annual: 10/2017  € 185,000

Robinson R44 RAVEN II
Robinson R44 RAVEN IIUS$ 427,780
Year: 2013; TTAF: 450h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France, TOUSSUS LE NOBLE, LFPN  € 365,000

Robinson R44 RAVEN II
Robinson R44 RAVEN IIon request
Year: 2008; TTAF: 551h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France  
Robinson R44
Robinson R44US$ 331,936
Year: 2009; TTAF: 290h; Type: Helicopter; Location: United Kingdom  £ 250,000
net price: £ 300,000
Robinson R44 Raven II
Robinson R44 Raven IIUS$ 201,087
Year: 2007; TTAF: 1300h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Poland  zł 738,000