Cessna Citation Sovereign jets for sale

The Cessna Citation Sovereign (680) built by Cessna Aircraft Company is a mid size business jet and the second largest model of the Citation product line. The aircraft is powered by two turbofan engines (Pratt & Whitney) and considered as transcontinental jet primarily used for corporate travel.

The Sovereign offers space for 8 passengers up to 12 in high-density capacity, in addition to a two-men crew. Its maximum range is 2847 NM.
Cessna Citation Sovereignon request
Year: 2008; TTAF: 6007h; Type: Jet; Serial No.: 680-0215
Cessna C-680 SovereignUS$ 15,000,000
EU tax paid
Year: 2008; TTAF: 35h; Type: Jet; Location: United States; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared, Commercially registered, EU-OPS 1 registered; Serial No.: tb; Reg. No.: N-reg. Jar Ops