Piper Aztec aircraft for sale

The Piper PA-23, named Apache and later Aztec, was the first twin-engine design from Piper Aircraft.

The prototype of the Aztec was a four-seater low-wing all-metal monoplane with a twin tail, powered by two pistone engines. As the aircraft did not perform as supposed, it was redesigned with a single vertical stabilizer and an all-metal rear fuselage as well as more powerful engines which entered production.

Main user of these until 1981continously improved aircrafts ist the US-Navy.
Piper PA-23-250 Turbo Aztec
Piper PA-23-250 Turbo AztecUS$ 90,768
Year: 1966; TTAF: 3840h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Switzerland, Bern-Belp; Reg. No.: HB-LDH  € 80,000

Piper Aztec PA-23-250
Piper Aztec PA-23-250on request
Year: 1964; TTAF: 4457h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Austria; Serial No.: 27-2743; Reg. No.: OE-FKV  
Piper Aztec PA-23-250 C Turbo, Props overh.
Piper Aztec PA-23-250 C Turbo, Props overh.US$ 90,768
Year: 1966; TTAF: 3810h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Switzerland; IFR certified, IFR equipped; Reg. No.: HB-reg; Last annual: 6/2017  € 80,000