Cessna 185 aircraft for sale

The Cessna 185 built by Cessna Aircraft Company is a single engined, general aviation light aircraft. The plane could be fitted with floats, such as amphibious ones or skis and is widely used in commercial transport of passengers, bush flying and as floatplane.
The Cessna 185 Skywagon was constructed as heavier and more powerful version of the Cessna 180 with a larger vertical fin. It offers space for up to 6 passengers, with a range of about 516 nautical miles.
Cessna 185F
Cessna 185Fon request
Year: 1977; TTAF: 6600h; Type: Single Prop; Location: French Guiana, sook; Always hangared; Serial No.: 185-03348; Reg. No.: N185RL; Last annual: 4/2016